Why this program?

Steel and Composite Construction + Industry 4.0

 – Competitive Program
 – International Recognition
 – Hands-on

The pressure to respond to the increasing complexity and global competitiveness with high levels of efficiency and rapid response (flexibility), as well as the ongoing digital transformation, new materials and new manufacturing processes, and the need to rapidly evolve towards a sustainable industry are the key-factor in the origin of the so-called fourth industrial revolution.
How to deal with these challenges, in the area of metallic and mixed construction, what to do or modify, in which to invest, with what priorities, what technologies are essential in metalworking in general, and in metal and mixed construction in particular, are issues that are at the top of the agenda of managers, who aspire to lead the implementation of this transformation, whether at the technological level, at the level of processes, and at the level of the human-resources, but also those who work at the level of the project, construction management and inspection.

Course presentation (in Portuguese)


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